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  • Dragon Art tattoo trend in Indonesia

    05 March 2015 ( #Art )

    Dragons have long been essential legendary figures in Japanese, Indonesian , Korean, Chinese, and other Asian societies. Winged dragons additionally exist in Western society. The significant contrast in the middle of Asian and Western monsters lies in...

  • Difference Between Saving and Investments

    15 January 2015

    Some individuals consider saving and investing, both are same thing. That is a huge oversight. There is a reasonable, tremendous contrast between investing and saving, and knowing the distinction may spell the distinction between an agreeable and a troublesome...

  • Why Corporate Finance Advice is Necessary?

    21 December 2014

    Corporate Finance is a department dealing with various aspects of finance with the goal of maximizing the value of corporation while reducing the chances of risks. Companies do business and make money. Some companies make a lot of money and of course...

  • Fabric Painting - A Unique Form of Art

    03 February 2015

    Painting is an ideal and exclusive art and from long time it has appealed individuals towards itself, either to realize it or to appreciate this remarkable art. Paintings are the outflows of the painters and express the perspectives and emotions of the...

  • The Concepts and the beliefs of Modern Art

    27 July 2015 ( #ART, #Low Check Kian )

    Art is a human imaginative capacity, which is demonstrated through creative plans or contemplations. Art and innovativeness have been essential to our Histories. Events, lifestyles, and the other dominating things were all depicted through the diverse...

  • Business Finance - Strategic Planning

    08 July 2015 ( #business, #finance, #planning, #Singapore, #LowCheckKian )

  • Why You Should Get Car Finance

    27 May 2015 ( #Finance Motors )

    Australians put great value on their purchase. After a house, cars are the most expensive purchase. But cars are already this generation necessity so you need to put value on what you buy or else you’ll end up buying a worthless junk. If you are looking...